Our Templates for Legal Documents and Agreements


Customized templates are Word documents that have the provisions already written for you as well as optional or “extra” provisions that will allow you to delete the provisions you don’t want. Keep in mind that the provisions will contain the necessary required language but you will have to insert some of your own language to customize the document. The template will have blanks for you to fill in and will have highlighted or bold portions for you to use optionally.

Most of the time in a family law case, particularly divorce, you will want to do DISCOVERY. Discovery is the process in a legal case where you try to obtain information about the other party. The information can be financial, job related, or pertaining to any non-private issue you need to help your case. Often times you want to find out how much money the other side has, what they are doing with their money, where are they keeping their money, and whether they have more money than they say they do. Property and financial issues are very important in family law because child and spousal support are often an issue. Other times you may need different information, such as whether a person has been looking for work. Unfortunately, the discovery laws and rules are very complex and it is very difficult for most non attorneys to craft a discovery document without errors. Usually, these errors are significant enough such that opposing counsel will object to the discovery on the basis of the error and not give you the documents you requested. This can be very frustrating for the self-represented litigant who is trying to get information to help his case. It can also stall the case and protract it. If you are self-represented and wish to serve discovery on the other party, Affordable Divorce has several discovery templates already prepared for you. We give you specific and detailed instructions on how to insert your own information into the template, sign and date, and drop it in the mail. This takes the guess work and error out of trying to figure out the correct discovery template on your own. Alternately, we can prepare the discovery for you. Please see our fee schedule. With the exception of the Form Interrogatories, Discovery template documents are custom crafted documents. We offer three types of discovery templates:
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2.SPECIAL INTERROGATORIES -$100.00 per template
3.FORM INTERROGATORIES – if you are buying one of the other discovery templates this form is included for free. If you simply want the FORM INTERROGATORY DOC on its own the cost is $10.00 for us to email the document to you.

A Demand for Production of Documents is a custom crafted request for documents. The documents can be anything you think might be under the possession or control of the other party. Often the request will include bank statements, property documents, credit card statements, and many other categories which you may need in order to prove your case. You can then use these documents at the hearing or trial to prove for example that opposing party makes 100,000 a year instead of $50,000, or that he spends money gambling instead of paying support, or that she doesn’t need more spousal support because she has sufficient disposable income. A document request is one of the most important tools to have in your arsenal, but you also must understand, once you have the documents, how you have to use them at trial or hearing. Miranda Family Law Docs has a detailed sheet that explains how to use your documents at trial/hearing.

A demand to Answer Special Interrogatories is another custom crafted document, customized specifically for your case after consulting with you about the kind of questions you want the other side to answer. These are questions that you need answers to before the hearing so that you can prepare FOR the hearing. These questions have to be written in very specific ways and pursuant to the guidelines of the discovery code, otherwise the other side need not answer them.